The Business Of Water Damage Restoration

A Recurring Problem among Residents of Austin Texas

Over the past 30 years, Texas has been hit with more floods and flash flood deaths than any other state. Flooding – specifically in our city, Austin, Texas – is too frequent, especially in low-lying areas located around the city.  Water drains slowly in these low-lying places, resulting in flooding and Austin water damage.

Some Areas Are Susceptible to Flood Flooding

Because some regions of Austin is prone to flooding, water damage is far too familiar. When water or moisture invades a material such as wood or steel, it can cause something as minor as water spots, or as severe as structural destruction.  Besides natural disasters, water or moisture intrusion can result from burst or malfunctioning pipes, leaking roofs, or even unmaintained heating and AC units. Homeowners can detect signs of water damage with a thorough home inspection.

Signs of water damage include:

  • Rotting Wood
  • Rusting Steel
  • Water Spots
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Growth of Mold
  • Wet Carpet

These Condition Call For Action

If any of these are found in any part of the house, homeowners should immediately contact their local water damage restoration contractor. You should take action within 24 hours after the initial damage has occurred to prevent bacteria and mold from growing and spreading throughout the house. Mold spores are attracted to anything wet, using that moisture to thrive and spread. Even the smallest damp spot in a basement or inside the walls can attract mold spores that can grow into a dangerous colony. Without proper remediation, mold colonies will continue to grow and cause health problems for the whole family. In flood-prone cities such as Austin, homeowners should always carefully check their houses for signs of damage whenever the area is hit by torrential rain or a hail storm. Before the inspection, homeowners need to remember to turn off all water, gas, and power supplies, and to use protective gear for safety.

Water Damage Restoration

Austin’s 24/7 Water Restoration Service

Since the problem of water damage is very common in Austin, water damage restoration services are prevalent. ATEX Water Damage Restoration, a leading service provider in the city, will respond to 24/7 emergency calls immediately. Technicians will assess damages and begin the drying process. ATEX Water Damage Restoration is a water damage restoration company that has been in the business for more than 15 years.  They have 3 locations in disaster-prone areas around Austin. ATEX is committed to assisting families, and commercial property owners get back on their feet following a disaster.  The company, with 3 locations across the area which are open 24/7, combines innovative tools and techniques with the knowledge and the skills of its employees to provide its clients fast, high-quality results.